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What my clients say...

I am thankful and grateful that my clients gave me their authentic feedback and 5-star reviews on my services.


It was one of the best decision we made to engage Vincent’s services. My husband and I went into the session feeling hopeless and on the brink of a separation. Vincent asked very pointed questions while maintaining a safe space and that allowed us to reflect and share our feelings openly. We realised that there are so many misunderstanding and miscommunication and deep down, we still cared for each other. We are happy to say that after 3 sessions, we noticed a difference in the way we communicate and have made efforts to repair the relationship. I’ll recommend Vincent to every couple out there. It is so important to have a neutral third party for guidance when both of you cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you once again Vincent!


“Mr Vincent, thank you for helping us rebuild our marriage again. My wife and I feel so much more closer to each other emotionally as well as mentally. These past few months have really been a roller coaster. We are so dysfunctional and unkempt in our relationship. Your piece of advice and guidance have really helped us work on ourselves and on our marriage. We are so glad that we had you to guide us. I would definitely recommend Mr Vincent to anyone who has marriage problem.”


To Vincent. It was a pleasure working with him during the past three sessions. When I first enquired, I didn't know what to do or what to expect. Vincent reached out and spoke to us with urgency knowing that it is important to handle what marriage issues we were going through as soon as possible. Throughout the sessions, I was able to express myself without being judged. Throughout the three sessions, me and my husband had shared more things than that we had between ourselves since we got married. 

After three sessions, we made good progression to try and make this marriage work. It won't be easy but we want to thank Vincent for opening the path for us.


“Vincent was great reaching out to me first, helped out my personal issues and help my marriage get better on the 2nd session. His patience and communication to solve our issues work wonders. People who have marriage issues should give a try for HOPE. Don't be shy about coming seeking help by professionals like Vincent.


Even provide zoom meetings if you are overseas working to manage your feelings and problems.”


“Vincent was very helpful in navigating my relationship with my partner and helping us both gain a new perspective as well as setting a common goal for both of us in terms of values and feelings.

Chloe Ku

“It could be best decision I made was try to seek for help of Vincent, he is good and patient listener also will give us some couple advice. I feel very comfortable and safe when I talk to him. Overall, I will definitely recommend it to those who seeks professional help with their relationship issues.”

Lee SH

“Vincent has been very responsive since we have some issues with our marriage.

That level of responsiveness is very important when one met up with a crisis.

I will personally recommend him to anyone who faces marriage crisis as immediate help is one of the key factors for quicker resolution!


“Vincent is very kind person since the 1st session with him I can felt that he is very sincere person and listen to all my unhappiness.


I felt relief and happy after the sessions cause I talk it out all the things I want to tell to my husband without the feeling of being judged.


He also messages my husband and myself separately to check out if we are doing ok, which I find his sincerity to really wanting to resolve our marriage issue.


I will recommend him to anyone who has marriage issues to get immediate help from him.”


“I am glad that I have gotten the opportunity to meet Mr. Vincent Soo to mend my marriage. He was very approachable and he let me talk out my problems. Although I mentioned problems after problems in a deck, he taught me a technique to counter attack them. And, I think I'll follow them throughout my life so that I can get rid of my negative emotions and be happy with my spouse again. Will definitely recommend Mr. Vincent to any of my friends or relatives who have any relationship issues. Thank you so much, Mr. Vincent!”

Yi Min

“We could form a connection with Vincent right from our first meeting. Other than advising on relationship issues, he also helped us better understand ourselves individually. The sessions were always focused on actual issues which we experienced and Vincent was always sharp enough to ask the right questions and probe deeper.”

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