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When we are genuine in our relationship interactions, we reveal our authentic selves. This can be an amazing journey with yourself or for two people, growing ever closer through sharing emotions, thoughts, hopes, and dreams – building intimacy and lasting love.

My Specialties and Services


With my certified studies, practices and over 15 years of coaching experiences for many individuals and couples, these are my expertise and specialties that I am passionately of service to you.

Authentic relationship is the basis of Vincent's coaching approach where he developed his own Authentic Relationship Coaching Framework to build solid foundation for his clients' relationship.

Couple Coaching

Couple coaching is a way to help couples identify their goals and desires, and find solutions to improve communication, overcome conflicts and strengthen the relationship. The task of a relationship coach is to facilitate between the two conflicting parties and to point out possible alternatives. In this way, a relationship coach can help a couple to better understand the background of the relationship conflict and to gain new understandings that will give new support to the partnership. 


Couple coaching thus seeks to gain clarity on the challenges in the relationship, accept the differences and embrace vulnerability with each other, and to work on the challenges in order to strengthen the relationship.


Affair Recovery Coaching

Affair Recovery Coaching Program is a 6-session, 9-session or 12-session (couple and individual sessions) program that requires the couple’s commitment to work on rebuilding the marriage for at least 90 days. 


This program will take the couples through a step-by-step process from discovery of the affair to recovery from the affair.  This program is designed to help you transition from anger, helplessness, and confusion to stabilizing your relationship after an affair. The step-by-step sessions focus on gaining an understanding of how and why the affair occurred. It includes tools and techniques to gain understanding of yourself and your relationship.  It offers a holistic approach that supports the healing process helping couples with forgiveness so that they can rebuild trust and begin to move past the affair to build a stronger foundation of relationship. 


Inner Child Healing

Inner child healing is a psychological approach that focuses on acknowledging childhood trauma to move toward a path of healing. It is a method of addressing the behaviour patterns rooted in childhood abuse, emotional neglect, and trauma.

Inner child healing is important because it recognizes past trauma and provides the necessary tools for moving forward. Understanding where certain behaviour patterns stem from is an important step in the recovery process. Inner child healing helps individuals access their pain in a way that is productive and gentle.

The goal of inner child healing is to eventually reach a point at which you can better identify your own needs, behaviours, and triggers. Healing your inner child fosters a deeper sense of self-compassion and supports your mental health.


Trauma Recovery Psychotherapy

Trauma can come after a one-off event, such as an accident or assault, or from repeated events, like an abusive relationship or childhood neglect. Complex trauma - the kind that arises from repeated events - often stems from childhood experiences that affect your adult life.


Trauma Recovery Psychotherapy can help you integrate traumatic event(s) and understand them — which helps you begin the healing process. Your memories of the trauma will stay, but they will start to have less power over you and your emotions. 

Trauma Recovery Psychotherapy includes interventions such as Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy, Multi-Channel Eye Movement Integration (MEMI) and Inner Child Healing.


Mental Health Recovery Coaching

Mental Health Recovery Coaching is an evidence-based intervention focused on a person-centred approach and strengths-based support for youths and adults living with emotional and mental challenges.

Mental Health Recovery Coaching helps the clients develop a healthy balance in life, give guidance in decision making, offer support in navigating mental health challenges, and assistance in establishing a wellness recovery plan. It also helps you to manage emotions, challenge negative thinking patterns, improve relationship skills, and reduce stress, anxiety and depression — all of which bolsters mental health.

Complimentary Consultation with Vincent Soo

Book a complimentary coaching session with me to get started or learn more about authentic relationships. I will get in touch with you.

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